Aqua Gym Fitness is your Premier Dr Wellness Swim Spas Source. When swimming you use more calories per hour than any other form of exercise which include motor cross Dr Wellness Swim Spas are carried by Aqua Gym Fitness Websites. Swimming burns more calories per hour than any other form of exercise
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Getting Fit through swimming is the most effective exercise while experiencing low impact to your skelatal frame. Your swim spa can arrive in just a couple of weeks
A Swim Spa is fun for young and old. Children can practice their swimming skills before going into larger pools. This is the best choice for your childrens safety has three models of Swim Spas to choose from. The largest is sixteen feet long and will accomodate just about anyone
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Swimming Free Style in Swim Spa against the flow of the water supplied by the Spas two or three water pumps

AquaGymFitness Dr Wellness Swim Spas provide a level of fitness which can't be gained through any other exercise equipment on the market, allowing for a maximum physical effort, with all the benefits of hydrotherapy during and after your workout. A full spa (hot tub) for recovery after your workout routine, and the pure relaxation found in the best spas available on the market; with all the benefits found in a full size pool designed to provide the current, flow and control required for the best physical exercise environment.

A Swim Spa by AquaGymFitness is the #1 choice, built with quality and our client's needs as the priorities, AquaGymFitness Swim Spas have made their way across the country in homes, gyms, and commercial businesses and can be used in a variety of ways; Above Ground, or Below, Indoors or Out. The versatility of an AquaGymFitness Swim Spa means no longer having to "visit the gym", or "having a full size pool installed" just to get in a workout.

We've built the most versatile "in home" or "commercial" aquatic system to accomodate all the different uses our clients have requested. The response from those who have purchased an AquaGymFitness Swim Spa have come with complete satisfaction and a fully realized appreciation for the lifestyle, and health benefits found through the use of our Swim Spas.

Proper Exercise Techniques give you the MAXIMUM workout from your new SWIM SPA:
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Your Swim Spa is the best of both worlds. Its primary use is swimming however it also provides you a hot tub as well.
Total Relaxation
With a Swim Spa your children can practice their leg kicks and other swimming techniques before going in a larger pool
Leg Kicks
Children can practice their backstroke and freestyle swimming techniques so as to build their confidence before introducing them to an inground swimming pool
Backstroke & Freestyle
The breast stroke is one of the basic resting strokes that swimmers use. Children can use a swim spa to practice this vital stroke

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