Aqua Gym Fitness is the apex of quality and is your Swim Spas Source. When swimming you are burning more calories per hour than any other activities

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The Aqua Gym Fitness Home Page for the highly sought after Dr Wellness Swim Spa that will enable your children to practice swimming before going to larger pools Getting Fit through swimming is the most effective exercise while experiencing low impact to your skelatal frame. Your swim spa can arrive in just a couple of weeks Our fun page for the Aqua Gym Fitness provides for many recreational uses for the Dr Wellness Swim Spa. Instruction videos on swimming is found there There are three different models you can choose from for the Dr Wellness Swim Spas. Sixteen feet long and twelve and eight feet long. One to fit any circumstance For you to contact Aqua Gym Fitness about our Dr Wellness Swim Spas you can use our contact page for the communication
Children naturally love water and playing in it. Swim Spas are a wonderful source of fun for your children or grandchildren. They can also practice their swimming

AquaGymFitness Swim Spas provide the best of both worlds; A full spa (hot tub) for the pure rejuventation and relaxation, and all the benefits found in a full size pool but designed to provide greater functionality and all the fun desired and expected on a hot summer day.

No matter if you are looking to spend time with friends and family during a hot afternoon lounging, or an evening filled with the best massage for those tired muscles, a Swim Spa by AquaGymFitness is the #1 choice.

Our clients range from Professional Athletes seeking a year round workout environment, to families who've realized the benefits of making one purchase and receiving both a Spa and a Pool. Families searching for relaxation for the adults and a large enough area for the kids to play makes a Swim Spa uniquely positioned to bring families together, and bring everyone's ideas of fun straight to the water.


Proper Exercise Techniques give you the MAXIMUM workout from your new SWIM SPA:
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Your Swim Spa is the best of both worlds. Its primary use is swimming however it also provides you a hot tub as well.
Total Relaxation
With a Swim Spa your children can practice their leg kicks and other swimming techniques before going in a larger pool
Leg Kicks
Children can practice their backstroke and freestyle swimming techniques so as to build their confidence before introducing them to an inground swimming pool
Backstroke & Freestyle
The breast stroke is one of the basic resting strokes that swimmers use. Children can use a swim spa to practice this vital stroke


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